Immersive Hospitality Imaging

Versatile 3D and 360 imaging solutions for the hotel and leisure industry

In times of change, where external touch-points are acutely in focus, hotels seek to improve, streamline and advance marketing processes. Facilitated by a powerful, easily managed virtual tour platform it is possible for hotels to help themselves with Theatro360.

Hotels can advance their marketing with ease using simple but powerful tools anyone can use with no expertise. With DIY self-shoots or fully serviced imaging there is a solution for every kind of business. Showcase your meeting spaces, gardens, restaurants, cafes and nearby attractions through complete or partial virtual tours or even just a few immersive images for adding to your website.

Theatro360 can offer 2D or 3D touring with rich navigation experiences so get in touch to express your needs and let your clientele in.

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The Castle Hotel // Windsor

Versatile 2D or 3D navigable floor plans

Day / Night Transitions

Demonstrate changes in decor, setups and lighting

Novotel // Tower Bridge

Virtual imaging and annotation for main areas and rooms

Features include:

  • Annotations
  • Audio notes
  • Look-at point of interest
  • Split-screen comparisons
  • Timeline comparisons
  • Video embeds
  • Image galleries
  • 3D floor plans
  • Still-frame export
  • Deep-link Twitter embeds
  • Live 360 TourGuide video calling

Still image exports from 360 scene used as comparisons

Compare content over time using split-screen image viewing to present variable states, snags, finishes or job completion for marketing purposes.


Full adaptive video conversion from 360 shoot


Full adaptive video conversion from 360 shoot

Harbour Hotel // Guildford

Main areas and rooms